Creative Executive 

Ray "Trey" Currid : Business Development and Marketing Expert

Ray "Trey" Currid: Business Development and Marketing Expert

Trey has helped launch an assortment of products from the Segway scooter to various IT products for companies such as HP/Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba and Apple. In more recent years Trey has done business development and marketing in the oil & gas as well as legal verticals. All of these experiences have been a process in learning what it takes to succeed in very competitive markets.

Trey has the experience to take any organization's marketing effort to the next level. Working with an array of different clients in vastly expanding markets, he can come up with a solution that will drive traffic, engagement and sales. 

Caitlin Conner : Social Media Strategist

Caitlin Conner: Social Media Strategist

Caitlin Conner heads up the Social Media efforts and plays a vital role in a client marketing campaign outreach. Caitlin brings many years of detailed technical and creative experience to the Creative Cycle team. Always positive, she can take on any big challenge with hard work and ingenuity. Caitlin knows the ins and outs of all the social media platforms as well as what it takes to create great and compelling content.