Website Design

An organization's website is its digital home. Everything from social media and email to print or TV ads should be directed towards a well designed and interactive home on the web. The best designed websites focus on ease of use, modern aesthetics, and functionality. 


Most important in creating a website is ease of use. Website users may be coming from various different sources and have varying levels of technical experience on the internet. Focusing on the audience, it is important to develop a website that is easy to navigate and find or provide information. Gathering data on users of an organization's website is also key. Gathering email addresses and sending users to pertinent links or media should be simple for any user to accomplish. 


Having a web presence that shows a professional face for an organization is becoming increasingly more important as culture shifts further into the online environment. Eye catching and professional media give credence to an organization's prowess. Up to date design shows users that an organization is current and engaging and actively engages its online audience. Font choice and layout by themselves can dictate the style and perception of an organization just as much as the copy writing, images and video do. 


Every website has a purpose. Some are very minimal only displaying basic information and utilize contact forms or gather emails. Others are focused on e-commerce or allow for online payments. Many sites require integration with other online tools or applications. It's important to take end functionality into consideration for the long term when purpose of any website.