Facebook Pseudonym Policy Challenged by German Privacy Group

The privacy group, Hamburg Data Protection Authority, came out against Facebook's anti-pseudonym policy. The recent article in  Digital Trends details the group's action. Although, this is not the first time Facebook's policy regarding individuals not using their real name has come up. 

Over the past couple of years Facebook has clamped down on individuals and businesses that use pseudonyms. The social media giant has required in some instances that people provide a copy of some form of legal identification or their account would be closed. There have been many people caught up in this policy, that seems a bit too stringent. On the other hand, the policy does create accountability for what people say and do on the site, although it's pretty baffling at times what people will write having their real name attached.

In many instances, the policy has been evoked regarding a business using a "person" profile page. This is probably due to the fact that Facebook wants every business to pay for sponsored posts. Moreover, business pages don't tend to get the views that personal pages do.