Video: Get More for Less

Philadelphia rapper Lil Dicky recently released a music video turning traditional opulence trend on its head. Most rap videos promote the stars with expensive luxury homes, cars and even jets, not to mention the big rear-ended females. It's become a kind of hyperbolic standard for the industry, the idea that if you look like you're successful, you'll be successful. In marketing, there is a lot of merit to this idea. However, Lil Dicky decided to go the other way. 

The song and video for "$ave that Money" take a contradictory approach towards the embodiment of rap culture, yet still satisfy the format. In the video Dicky is seen going around the Beverly Hills area trying to "barrow" nice cars and use people's estate homes to accomplish his task. In the end, the production of the video was next to nothing compared to the budgets of his contemporaries.

The message from Dicky is an interesting one, especially for rap culture, but it also speaks to the budget nature of quality video production that can be produced today. It no longer costs tens to hounders of thousands to do corporate videos, and better yet, the production can be done in a much quicker manner than ever before. This means content can always be newly generated and stay relevant to the quickly changing times.

So, in the profound words of Lil Dicky, "we gonna save dat money."