Reddit: Ellen Pao is out

It seems like this was a long time coming. Ellen Pao the CEO of one of the fastest growing social media communities has resigned as CEO. 

After quite a community uprising and some seemingly inside pressure, Pao resigned as the head of Reddit on Friday. The resignation comes on the heels of a major uprising over the firing of a very well liked (by the community) employee, who also happened to be a moderator of some of the most popular sub-reddits on the site. Mostly, it seems the community was very upset because there was no advanced notice or much communication at all about the situation.

Overall, Pao did not seem to be very popular with the Reddit community. There were many high voted articles about her, none of which came across in a very positive light. Reddit has a very intellectually tough crowd, so the typical CEO shenanigans wont fly with the community. If there's dirt, it'll be found out and discussed, if not vehemently criticized.

Hopefully Steve Huffman will have a better chance of gaining community acceptance. The one thing Steve will really need to remember, at Reddit "narwal bacons at midnight!"

Here is Steve's AMA, if you care to see how he is taking on the community.