Industrial Supply goes e-Retailer

Valvact came to Creative Cycle about taking their industrial valve actuation products to the Amazon and eBay marketplaces. The request was to build both Amazon and eBay accounts, then link them to the already existing website.

After some quick review of other similar products for industrial supply, it seems there are quite a large number of industrial suppliers for all sorts of specific uses on both Amazon and eBay. As well, looking at sale charts for eBay, some of the more specialized products sold quite good numbers.

The biggest lesson learned during this project was the strict listing guidelines for Amazon products. Since valve actuation products aren’t listed, and the manufacturers aren’t within the Amazon database, there was a lot of running around to make this happen.

Both stores for eBay and Amazon were setup. Valvact had a third party develop a Wordpress website several years ago. The team at Creative Cycle was able to place Amazon and eBay logos into the sidebar menu for easy access on any page of the website.

It will be interesting to watch Valvact grow their sales through e-commerce. As Amazon and eBay become more and more recognized for industrial supply, so Valvact should be poised to take advantage of the changing marketplace.