ShAC's New Website!

The Creative Cycle team just finished another website for the ShAC swimming facility in Stafford, Tx. Swim Houston Aquatic Center (ShAC) is a state of the art swimming facility and event venue built in 2017. ShAC is a family owned business with a history of swimming for every member. The team with Creative Cycle wanted to make sure an tell the story of the family and provide all of the technical details of what the facility offers.

Go check out what the partnership between ShAC and Creative Cycle was able to produce. Their new website is

The team at Creative Cycle dove right into this project and worked closely with the client to develop the layout and strategy for the website. ShAC wanted calendar and Facebook integration to provide regular updates to their customers on activities and events. As well, the website needed to be geared towards their online booking portals by Jack Rabbit.

The owners of ShAC had some video and still media already (underwater and drone footage), but needed more scenes from around the facility. The team at Creative Cycle shot headshots of the ShAC team and the different areas of the facility. When accumulating all the media together the process of utilizing it for the website began. Creative Cycle gave the website an up-to-date stylistic look with modern fonts and elements like video banners.

All in all the project was a huge success for both ShAC and Creative Cycle. Not only does ShAC get a stylistic and functional website, but Creative Cycle has another piece to add to the portfolio. Business like this is good for everyone - win, win.